Heres a UNITEC P.A. mixing board and rack. Mixer maximum 17, 2 space rack under mixer 6 space rack on right. Measures 40 x 23 12 x 12 . $50 FIRM Cash only.... NO EXCEPTIONS. . Pickup here in Carlisle...... NO EXCEPTIONS. From a smoke free environment
Heres a set of 7 Ddrum Red Shot drum triggers, excellent working condition. $95 FIRM...... Cash only.......NO EXCEPTIONS. . . . . . Pickup up here at my place in Carlisle............NO EXCEPTIONS From a smoke free environment
Heres a beautiful U.S. made complete Slingerland 5 piece drums set. 12,13,16,22 and chrome 5x14 snare. Slingerland hardware, Zildjian 14 Hats, 16 crash and 20 ride cymbals. Seat throne, Heads are in excellent condition, hardly any wear to the set. Excellent condition, from a smoke free environment. $495 FIRM........ Cash only.........NO EXCEPTIONS. .. . . . . pickup at my place here in Carlisle...
Heres a serious rack mount audio case from Calzone. 18 space, removable front and rear panels, factory mounted dolly. Excellent condition, from a smoke free environment. $175. FIRM.......... Cash only........NO EXCEPTIONS. . . . . . . . Pickup at my place here in Carlisle only..........NO EXCEPTIONS. Email thru Craigs list please.
I am selling a Korg MS2000R synthesizer. This synth has been out of production for a while and is basically a much knobbier synth with the same sound engine of a Microkorg, meaning it is much easier to program If you love the Microkorg sound but dislike its matrix interface, this could be the synth for you I have never gigged with this synth and have only used it occasionally. I bought it from ...
Nice condition, comes with mallets and case.
Heres 2 Multi-effects digital signal processing rack mount units. YAMAHA SPX-90, Has -20dB and 4db switch so you can use it with studio equipment as well as your guitar or electronic keyboard rig. Excellent working condition $150. FIRM.... DIGITECH DSP-128 Plus multi-effects signal processing rack mount unit in excellent working condition $85. FIRM.. Cash only........NO EXCEPTIONS. . . . pickup...


Piano in fair condition needs tuning. Great instrument for a beginner.
This is a like-new, lightly-used . See photos or message for more information.
Collection of Eric Clapton song books for guitar for sale. 1 From the Cradle, 2 Eric Clapton-Deluxe, collection of his greatest hits since 1978, Eric Clapton-CrossRoads Vol.1,Vol.2,Vol.3, and Eric Clapton-Unplugged. All books are new ,unused.NEW PRICE, $35.00 for all.
I have a few saxophones and an oboe that need work and was looking for someone in Cumberland Valley who can fix them. I can deliver them and then pick them back up.
44 size violin made in America. Stentor 2 Orchestral S15004C with letter S sted into the tail piece with ebony pegs, fretboard and fine tuners. Violin stays in tune. Has new fretboard sticker installed, great for beginners and students. Easily removed. Includes case, bow and rosin. $100.00 cash
....Selling 2 guitars,... review pics of each guitar...- EPIPHONE PRO-1 PLUS-Solid Top - 2017--CASH and CARRY.....$115.00 each - VINTAGE OSCAR SCHMIDT OG6 80S -MIK 88 --CASH and CARRY.....$115.00 each
Palatino Violin VN-450 full size 44. New Super Sensitive Super Sensitive string installed. Ebony fretboard, tuning pegs and fine tuners. Violin stays in tune. Has Fretboard decal to mark where to put fingers, can be removed easily. $95.00 Cash
Im listing these, 2 very good items, for the ESTATE of a good friend , Whos aunt, had to go to Assisted Living ... .. Look at the pictures....They had the 1964 Hammond A-100 from new , it sat in the same spot in the Living room and had it regular maintence, oiled and gone over , and It plays great ... Then it took a lot of years before they found a Leslie , and they got the Leslie 122 and it is...
Line 6 Spider Valve MKIIVERY lightly used, I would guess less than 40 hours. Does not come with foot switch but Line 6 offers several different options and they are easily found. Like new condition.$270
Epiphone SG Custom in great condition. Plays great, very minor signs of wear, includes hardshell case and is equipped with strap locks. Beautiful guitar.
In great condition, comes with stand and manual. DOES NOT INCLUDE power supply, it requires a 12V supply, these are cheap and easy to acquire.
Hughes and Kettner 4 x 12 speaker cabinet in good condition. All speakers work, cab is in good condition one side of cabs has some wear and tear but no major tears, other side has 2 stickers. 260 watts mono2 x 130 watts stereo
Heres a very clean MACKIE model 1402-VLZ mixing board. Everything is there, nothing missing, nothing replaced, nothing damaged. Specs are in the last picture. Very fine working condition. From a smoke free environment. $175. FIRM. . . . . ... ..... Cash only........NO EXCEPTIONS, , , , , Pickup here at my place in Carlisle.........NO EXCEPTIONS. . . . From a smoke free environment.
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