International 5100 grain drill with press wheels, 20" marker tires. Top box is an 18 hole count, 7"inchs apart. A smaller box on bottom for grass seed box. Missing drive chain and drive sprocket that dos to small grass seed box. Measurements if you need to haul grain drill. Front of the tongue to the back is 10' foot, 13' 2" from outside to outside of both drive wheels. Needs a hydraulic cylind...
THE FENDTS ARE HERE and ready to work for you. We are a family owned custom farming business that put the needs of the farmer first. We offer a list of services. They include round baling Big square baling all with a cutter with preservative, along with Mowing, raking, planting with a 6 row 30in. or 11row 15in. corn planter and a 15ft grain drill with markers scales and population monitor along...
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